Did you know?

Melanoma & Women

Melanoma is the leading cause cancer death in women ages 25-30.

It is the second leading cause of cancer death in women ages 30-35

Melanoma & Children

Approximately 500 children are diagnosed with melanoma in America every year.

UV Exposure

Nearly 90% of melanomas are thought to be caused by exposure to UV light and sunlight.

This means that even the UV light used while getting a manicure can put you at risk.

Protect Yourself

Applying a sunblock with Zinc and Titanium Dioxide every two hours to dry skin can help prevent skin cancer.

Skin Checks

If caught early, skin cancer is more than

98% curable. 

Regular skin checks can save your life!

Know your ABCD & E's

Monitor your moles for any changes in Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter, and Evolution. If something looks funky, have it checked out!

Skin Cancer Awareness

Do you know what kind of sunscreen to use? Dr. Nazareth has the tips you need to ensure you are protected.

Do you know what the most common form of skin cancer is? It's basal cell carcinoma. What is it and how can you tell if you have it?

What's the best sunscreen for kids and how should you apply it?

We are on a mission

Every dollar that we raise fuels our mission to educate our community on the danger of skin cancer and reduce the number of deaths associated with melanoma.

We do that through providing sunshades at play grounds, providing SPF clothing and sun block to Western New Yorkers of all ages, and educating the community on how they can reduce their chances of developing skin cancer and how to take action if they see something that doesn't look right.

You can help us by attending one of our events, hosting one of your own or making a donation, but most of all, protecting yourself against sun exposure.